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Entry #7

Hi, um so...

2008-04-22 17:39:00 by radical1234567890

I gave up on trying to use the musical typing thingy, because everything I tried to make with it was crap, and did the audio portal a favor and took those crappy remixes off of the site. I'm just gona stick with mixin Garageband loops, its easier and more fun.
Also, a riddle, yes, I wana make you answer a riddle, so don't go whining.
What do ya call a cow with two legs?

Thought that one was easy, well its supposed to be, so don't go feelin all smart 'n' stuff.


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2008-04-25 17:30:57

dude lighten up

radical1234567890 responds:

I just had to clean out a whole garage full of junky piano's, sport equipment, and old woodworking tools, you try and lighten up after that.